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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Mortgage.Shop LLC (M.S.), your personal privacy and the security of your personal information are our primary concern. Brokering mortgage loans involves communicating personal and financial information, and we understand the need for a safe and secure environment in which to share this information. M.S. believes that you should be aware of who we are, the types of information we may collect in our branch offices, on our Web site or through personal, telephone, electronic mail or facsimile, what we do with your personal information and your options with regard to what we do with this information. This policy is provided to you as required by the Federal Financial Privacy Law (15U.S.C.6801-6810).

Information we collect. When you visit the network of M.S. Web sites, or visit an M.S. office you complete a qualification form or loan application that includes certain personal and financial information about you including your name, phone number, social security number, electronic mail address, income and other financial information depending on your expressed loan preference.

If you fill out a customer survey form, your name and other identifying information will not be sold or shared with any person or organization. Authorized M.S. employees may use your electronic mail address or telephone number to contact you concerning your comments, questions or complaints.

If you use M.S.'s service through another organization's Web site with whom M.S. has a marketing agreement, that organization will not sell or share your information. All transactions take place on M.S.'s servers. Please see our security section for more information on how we protect..the.integrity.of.your.information.

Who are we? M.S. is a mortgage lender broker that seeks to provide residential mortgage loans to its consumers. M.S.'s network of branches are located in Virginia, Indiana, and pending in North Carolina and Florida. Our services are also offered on our network of Web sites. M.S. is a mortgage loan originator and is licensed or exempt as a mortgage broker in these states and territories. See our "State Licenses" section on our network of Web sites for additional information.

How your information is used. When you fill out a qualification or application form you may be asked to provide certain private information, including your name, phone number, social security number, electronic mail address, income and other financial information depending on your expressed loan preference. We use this information to evaluate your needs and financial capability in order to determine what, if any, mortgage loan product we can provide. In the course of doing so, we may also collect credit information from the three national credit-reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union) property value information from accredited appraisal companies, automated valuation systems or public tax records. We may also contact employers, financial institutions and trades people to verify the information you provided.

How we handle your information. The information that you provide to us is sent through the M.S. system and processed by our employees, authorized vendors or contract personnel. As our vendors may keep and use your information, we recommend that you contact them directly for more information about their specific privacy policies.

Use and distribution. M.S. may notify you about special offers from our promotional partners. These offers may be communicated to you through newsletters, flyers or electronic mail messages. We do not reveal your name, address or any other identifying information to that promotional partner unless you affirmatively respond to the promotional offer. At your request, M.S. will not send you any information or offers unrelated to your request for financing.

M.S. may also share certain aggregated information with third parties for general marketing and demographic purposes; however, this data DOES NOT include any of your personal identifying information.

As permitted by law, we may share the customer information we collect as described above with third parties with whom we have entered into joint marketing agreements, with parties contracted to provide services on our behalf, or with other third parties as permitted or required by law (See 15 U.S.C. § 6802(b)(2)), such as those listed below. Affiliates, as well as nonaffiliated third parties who perform services for or functions on behalf of M.S. are provided that information, which we believe, is appropriate for their specific offer or function and are bound by strict confidentiality.

These parties may include:
  • Selected administrative units within and outside of M.S. that provide specific servicing of your accounts.
  • Financial services providers with whom we share information to keep you informed about products and services for which you may be eligible, and which we believe will be of value and interest to you.
  • Parties who may offer specific products and services under a joint marketing agreement.
  • Others as permitted or required by law, such as credit bureaus, government entities in response to subpoenas and other legal processes, and those with whom you have directed us to share information.
You have a choice about information sharing. If you prefer that we not share your customer information (except in those circumstances, described above, that are permitted or required by law), you may "opt out," that is, you may direct us not to share this information, by calling us toll-free at 888-388-7447. You may provide these instructions to us at any time.

When you contact us, you will be requested to provide identifying customer information at that time, including your social security number. Choosing to "opt out" of this information sharing may limit opportunities for you to receive product and service information that may interest you.

M.S. may change its policy from time to time, but you can always review our current policy on this Web.page.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, you should first contact the MS. site coordinator at our Customer Service Department at 888-388-7447
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